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Learn Spanish!

Professional and personalized Spanish instruction.

Brain training and short-term memory training at its finest!

Way more productive than Sudoku or Crosswords, and it will get you the hotel room and the meal of your choice in 20 different countries.

Since we live in Tucson it's nice to know what all those street names and neighborhood names and business names really mean.

Traveling throughout the Spanish-speaking world is so much more fun if you know what it all means!

So invest the same amount of time each day as you spend with a crossword or sudoku, and practice Spanish with your friends, and make new friends at Españoltogo!

We have proven methods - and games! - for memory training for new vocabulary.

Call now for more information and to schedule a private or group class!

Cynthia Clark Blevins (520) 425-5848 Email

Is this You?

Parking at the college is more trouble than it's worth

You're a professional with specific vocabulary needs

Spanish would be a plus in your work or leisure activities

You always wanted to continue that high school Spanish

You're a little shy

You learn by a variety of activities - music, hands-on projects, art or posters

You're a Spanish speaker who wants to improve spelling, accent marks

You're a Spanish speaker needing more professional vocabulary

Your Spanish pronunciation needs polishing

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